Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Not that guy on tv

I have been learning a lot lately.

Through methods I would have deemed unnecessary.

But God has a way of doing things that surprise me.

Know what I am talking about?

Of course you do.

So here is what I have been learning:

“I am me”

Weird thought right?

But let me unpack it for a second.

I a

m graduating college in May, and that is crazy.

I always am comparing my life to others that have gone before me.

Like, “Oh, this happened to this guy, so that must be whats in store for me.”

Or, “This person got my degree, and this is what they are doing… so why not me?”

Its almost as if I am waiting for all the right things to happen

That I may be like _______ or do _______.

Its weird right?

But we all do it.

This constant comparison of ourselves to what others have gone through.

It can even carry deeper than that, to the level of lets say… mistakes.

For instance, “My parents did that, I have no hope…

if they can’t stand up under the pressure, I won’t be able to…

if they can’t have a good marriage why would I be able to…

If they can’t hold down a job why should I be able to…

If they can’t break the alcoholism I won’t be able to resist alcohol…

Or even

I will never be able to live up to what they have accomplished…

He has done so much...

She has raised an amazing family…

I’ll never be able to do that…

Am I hitting home here?

Here is the thing I want you to take away.

These comparisons always result in fear.

Fear cripples.

Fear hinders.

Fear destroys.

Fear prevents good things.

Really good things.

This is a very elementary thought

But we all forget it.

You are not your parents

You are not your brother

You are not your friends parents

You are not that guy on tv

that girl on tv

You are not the character from the movie you saw last night

Last month

You are simply you.

“For you created my inmost being;

you knit me together in my mothers womb”

-Psalm 139:13

I love the language David uses here in this Psalm.

Knitting us together

Now, God is not an old lady in a yarn shop with knitting needles…

however I think the point here I think

Is that there is an intricacy.

A purpose here.

God knit you together with a distinct purpose.

Not your mothers purpose

Your purpose

We are all called to walk the path to God,

The narrow path as Matthew 7:3 suggests

(to read a great blog on this passage by my good friend Cory click here)

Same path.

Different travelers.

I think our purpose is found when we realize th

at we are ourselves.

My purpose is found in being Collin.

God has given me specific giftings, abilities, and passions that are for me.

Not you.

And you have specific giftings, abilities, and passions that are for you.

Not me.

God has put you where you are for a distinct reason.

You are not to be held captive by your fears.

If only we understood the damage fear does to us.

Because really we make the decisions that shape our future.

If you are scared of ending up in a dead boring job that you hate

Well then don’t decide to work there.

And if you are in a place you are hating


Don’t be held back because of fear.

Fear will prevent you from so many good things


That I will promise you.

Fear is the enemy of the Gospel

Fear is the enemy of us becoming who God made us to be

Fear is the enemy of our generation

Fear is the enemy





“No, in all these things

we are

more than conquerors

through him who loved us”

-Romans 8:37


Abby Segool said...

Collin, this was great. I've been thinking some of the same things with graduation looming in the near future. Thanks for posting. :] You've given me some things to pray through.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes you can't quit, it's called responsibility. Sometimes, you learn from the mistakes of your parents and sometimes what she is trying to teach you, won't be understood until you are older, more mature and experienced. You have been knitted together but sometimes you unravel only to be rewoven.

Linda Strawn said...

I love it when the younger generation can remind us older ones of the power of simple wisdom. That picture is from David's favorite movie, Gladiator. You are Gladiator in your world Collin. Thanks for these encouraging words.