Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Toast

Here's a toast to the last four years of my college career. A written toast of course. To my fellow classmates of Toccoa Falls College 2010:

To the most expensive piece of paper we will ever buy
To the late nights
To the early mornings
To the homework completed
To the homework forgotten
To the A's
And yes... even to the F's
To the best friends a man could have
To the best days
To the worst days
To for keeping us distracted while papers are due tomorrow
To procastination
To Facebook
To Twitter
To Myspa... nevermind. Myspace is lame.
More importantly, to hard work
To our professors
To the papers written
To living in the library
To those of us who never stepped foot in the library and probably should have
To those who stayed
To those who left
To those who left and came back
To the victims of swine flu
To those who never got swine flu
To Spring Breaks
To Road Trips
To random weird jobs
To minimum wage
To the relationships
To the hearts won
To the hearts broken
To laughing so hard you cant breathe
To those who shouldnt really laugh so loud...
To those who should laugh more in life
To bad jobs
To little Caesars, McDonalds, and Taco bell.
To Wal-Mart, where else can we buy supplies at 1 AM
To free t-shirts
To Aramark
To changing the world
To being broke
To the diseases fought
To the lives changed
To our parents
To the unanswered prayers
To the answered prayers
To the surprises
To the regrets
To the coffee shops
To Ramen noodles
Frozen pizzas
To those adventurous enough to cook for themselves
To Halo 1, 2, and 3
To Call of Duty
To saying you're going to bed at 10
Then going to bed at 2 AM
To the best four years of our lives
To the rules followed
To the rules broken
To what God has done for us in the past
And what He is going to continue to do in the future
To changing the world, again
To the best graduating class to come out of Toccoa Falls College
To 2010!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

That was great, made me laugh and think "that's so deep" all at the same time. Way to go...and way to be one of those who left AND came back. :]
-Abby Segool