Thursday, July 15, 2010


These have to be one of my favorite companions these past 5 years

I know

They’re just Chacos

You could say that

But they have also been all over the world with me


These Chacos have seen the streets of Toccoa

The trails of the Appalachian Trail

The rivers of North Georgia


South Carolina

North Carolina

These have been held to my pack as I rappel down a cliff face

Hiked up the Maroon Bells in Colorado

They have walked the streets of Liberia

Trekked the thick jungles of Liberia

Seen the slums of Guatemala City

These carried me to class almost every day for all four years of college

I could go on about the adventures of me and my Chacos

Most importantly and almost tragically these Chaco’s life is almost coming to an end

Through the adventures they have worn out

The sole is almost non-existent

Just as these adventurous sandals life is coming to a close

The season they carried me through is also coming to a swift end

Quicker than I could imagine

It is a weird feeling

I just graduated college

Working for a company

Moving to Charlotte, NC

I guess this means

I have to grow up…?

Part of me really is looking forward

To the new city

The new people

The new apartment

The new job

The new church


But I am gonna miss



I seriously have the best friends a man could ask for

They have played a crucial part

Into my story

The turning points of my story would have been

Much more painful had they not been there

I am forever grateful for these friends

You know who you are

If you’re reading this thinking

“Am I that?”


You are

Thank you for who you are

I am already anticipating my first vacation to come back and visit

I have found that life is full of seasons

I mean we all know it

We know the joys

The pains

The fears

The worries

All of which play into seasons

If there is one thing that I have learned through my four years of college

It is simply

Do not fear the changing of seasons

So often our fears hold us back from so many good things





Believe me

The changing of seasons is scary

I am a man that has experienced many

God has called me into this new season

Despite my fears

And believe me

They are there

I know God is going to grow me in this

He is going to change me

Into who I was created to be

A kingdom-minded person

Is a conqueror of fear

And a trekker through seasons


If my chacos can teach anything to anyone

Know this

Seasons change

Fears want to hinder

But we must continue


A life full of fear

Is simply boring

No one wants to have the same fear their whole life

Do something about it

Get some chacos


Mike said...

Very cool, a great inspiring read. Gonna miss you man...

amorr11 said...

Will miss you much Collin. You're an inspiration to all of us.

BTW, you can get new soles on your chacos if you don't wanna give them up. I've heard of many people to do that so that they don't have to get new ones and the top of the sandal is still formed to your feet.

Linda Strawn said...

We lived from 1981 to 1987 in Charlotte right beside East Mecklenberg HS. Then we moved to Monroe just east down Hwy 74 in 1988 and stayed there until 1996. Both Mary Beth and Brian were born in Charlotte. It has some awesome memories for the Strawn family. Ran my only marathon there while barely pregnant with Mary Beth in 1986. I hope you will continue to walk with God and find your new path there. There is a wonderful running/biking park south of town in Waxhaw you may enjoy.